New Year's Eve dinner

1 starter + 3 tacos + dessert + open bar for 90 minutes Price 399,-

Open bar of cocktails, wine and sodas

Choose one starter
1. Spareribs with BBQ Habanero salsa
2. Tostada de Gambas, topped with chunky avocado salsa, pico de gallo and King Prawns

choose 3 tacos of your desire
1. Grilled marinated fillet steak with mozzarella cheddar, crispy bacon served with Mexican crema and pico de gallo (mild)
2. Grilled marinated chicken fillet with grilled marinated cabbage, pico de gallo and guacamole salsa (mild)
3. Aromatic slow cooked pork served with guacamole salsa, semi pickled red onion and crispy pork rinds (mild)
4. Grilled oyster mushrooms with bell peppers, green chili, pico de gallo, vegan cheese and guacamole salsa (mild)

Warm Chocolate soufflé with Strawberry sauce

Price 399,- per person

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